Tips on Getting The Best Gynostemma Tea

Gynostemma tea with its tad bittersweet taste is prepared after brewing the leaves of Gynostemma Penta phylum. The herb is also commonly referred to as Jiaogulan, a climbing vine that is usually grown in the regions of China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. The caffeine-free decoction has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, beneficial for the human body in many ways.

It is believed that three cups of Gynostemma tea on a day-to-day basis can improve overall health and also increase stamina and strength. Stress levels tend to decrease and the mind can focus with more concentration. Additionally, with an improved body function and blood circulation, the herb helps in increasing life expectancy and therefore is also referred to as a Longevity Herb.

How to find the best Gynostemma?

While we are aware of the infinite benefits of the natural plant, finding the right Gynostemma tea can be challenging. This is because it is available in different forms – leaves, tea bags, powder, and capsules. In fact, you may see that two different brands of Gynostemma are being sold at extremely varied prices. So, how do you decide which one is suitable for you?

Here is a list of things that affect the quality of Gynostemma and you must do your research on the same to understand which brand is the best:

  1. The Plant Cultivar: Gynostemma or Jiaogulan is available in two types – sweet and bitter. The sweet variety varies in taste and consistency depending upon the seed stock used. The bitter variety is more common but a little difficult to consume. The variety you use impacts the potency of the herb, thereby affecting the results it produces on your body.
  2. The Growth of Plants: Most tea packaging will say organic, however, they are not actually organic. In fact, the ones from China are not at all organic, even if they claim to be. You must check the brand you are purchasing, read its reviews online, search for other products manufactured or imported by the brand before you make the final purchase. In the case of a manufacturing brand, the price may be higher since they are investing in farming and other processes as well to bring to you the finest quality.
  3. The Processing: Gynostemma could be processed by machine or by hand. In case it is being processed by a machine, chances of oxidation are high, as a result of which the herb loses its freshness and originality. Brands that process the herb by hand ensure that stems are removed, leaves are properly dried with the five leaf clusters undamaged. Such effort in processing increases shelf life keeps the purity intact and enhances the overall taste and aroma.
  4. The Freshness: If the tea has been packaged since long, the taste, as well as efficacy, is impacted. So when you pick a box, make sure that it hasn’t been imported long ago deteriorating in the warehouse.

The above tips on getting the best Gynostemma will help you in actually receiving the health benefits in the best manner possible since the quality of the herb you buy will not be compromised.

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