Tips on Getting The Best Gynostemma Tea

Gynostemma tea with its tad bittersweet taste is prepared after brewing the leaves of Gynostemma Penta phylum. The herb is also commonly referred to as Jiaogulan, a climbing vine that is usually grown in the regions of China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. The caffeine-free decoction has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, beneficial for the human body in many ways.

It is believed that three cups of Gynostemma tea on a day-to-day basis can improve overall health and also increase stamina and strength. Stress levels tend to decrease and the mind can focus with more concentration. Additionally, with an improved body function and blood circulation, the herb helps in increasing life expectancy and therefore is also referred to as a Longevity Herb.

How to find the best Gynostemma?

While we are aware of the infinite benefits of the natural plant, finding the right Gynostemma tea can be challenging. This is because it is available in different forms – leaves, tea bags, powder, and capsules. In fact, you may see that two different brands of Gynostemma are being sold at extremely varied prices. So, how do you decide which one is suitable for you?

Here is a list of things that affect the quality of Gynostemma and you must do your research on the same to understand which brand is the best:

  1. The Plant Cultivar: Gynostemma or Jiaogulan is available in two types – sweet and bitter. The sweet variety varies in taste and consistency depending upon the seed stock used. The bitter variety is more common but a little difficult to consume. The variety you use impacts the potency of the herb, thereby affecting the results it produces on your body.
  2. The Growth of Plants: Most tea packaging will say organic, however, they are not actually organic. In fact, the ones from China are not at all organic, even if they claim to be. You must check the brand you are purchasing, read its reviews online, search for other products manufactured or imported by the brand before you make the final purchase. In the case of a manufacturing brand, the price may be higher since they are investing in farming and other processes as well to bring to you the finest quality.
  3. The Processing: Gynostemma could be processed by machine or by hand. In case it is being processed by a machine, chances of oxidation are high, as a result of which the herb loses its freshness and originality. Brands that process the herb by hand ensure that stems are removed, leaves are properly dried with the five leaf clusters undamaged. Such effort in processing increases shelf life keeps the purity intact and enhances the overall taste and aroma.
  4. The Freshness: If the tea has been packaged since long, the taste, as well as efficacy, is impacted. So when you pick a box, make sure that it hasn’t been imported long ago deteriorating in the warehouse.

The above tips on getting the best Gynostemma will help you in actually receiving the health benefits in the best manner possible since the quality of the herb you buy will not be compromised.

How Not Knowing Jiaogulan Makes You a Rookie

Jiaogulan is a natural herb which is also called ‘The Immortality Herb’. This herb has got this name because the people of Southern China who used to consume this herb regularly had a longer and healthier life without any health issues. The people who consumed this herb from the start looked so young and active. The average life expectancy of the people of the villages in Southern China where this herb is consumed is much higher than any other place. One cannot debate over the long list of benefits this plant has.

These days’ people spend so much money in getting treatments to start looking younger and cure their various diseases. It is such a shock to know that people are not even aware of the fact that there is an herb available in the market which is a life saver and one medical treatment to so many problems. The benefits of Jiaogulan are still not well known by many people and this is the biggest mistake.

Benefits of Jiaogulan

  • People suffering from cancer undergo such painful, expensive and long treatments to get well and after that also there is no guarantee that they would get fine. Jiaogulan is extremely helpful for cancer patients. Firstly, it boosts your body immunity, prevents your body from the tumor, has several antioxidants which prevent the body from this disease and most importantly has cancer-fighting compounds. Jiaogulan has components which give body the resistance to fight against the destructive chemotherapy. So, if you or any of your family members is suffering from cancer then not knowing about Jiaogulan is a big drawback for you. It is a sure shot treatment without any side effects and has been proven true.
  • For diabetes patients, Jiaogulan is a boon. This is one of the best natural and homemade remedy for Diabetes. Jiaogulan has a positive impact on both insulin resistance and insufficient insulin production which causes diabetes. It is the best remedy to control blood glucose levels and fights against the root cause of diabetes. It protects your kidney, cardiovascular system from getting damaged due to the existence of diabetes. It promotes the pancreas to increase insulin secretion and improves body metabolism. The best advantage of Jiaogulan is that it understands your body needs and works accordingly.
  • Jiaogulan helps you to maintain healthy and young skin, and shiny hair. It works as an anti-ageing medicine. If you are upset due to your skin becoming dull and hair getting weak, then a common solution to both the problems is Jiaogulan.
  • Jiaogulan improves body metabolism and helps in reduction of body fat. So, this herb is extremely helpful for those who are trying to lose weight. It is a simple and a tasty solution for those wanting to lose weight.

If you are not consuming Jiaogulan regularly, then you are the biggest rookie on this planet. This herb has so many health benefits and every individual must consume it to reap the advantages of this natural herb and have a happier and healthier life.

The Next Big Research in Jiaogulan

Jiaogulan is a plant that originates from the far-distant corners of the Guizhou Providence in China. The locals recognize it as a health-promoting herb and like to address it as ‘the herb of immortality’.

Jiaogulan belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family – the same family that produces squash, melons, and cucumber. It is a wildly grown climbing vine and does not need any kind of cultivation. The leaves of the plant are to be consumed to enjoy the benefits. You can eat them directly, add them to salads, pasta and stir fry or infuse them to prepare tea. They have a sweet taste and are sometimes also used as an alternative to sweeteners. In fact, certain bottled drinks and ice cream flavors in China use Jiaogulan for the sweet taste.

The Research So Far

Serious studies were initiated on the herb over 20 years ago, and due to its health benefits, it was incorporated in traditional Chinese medicine. It was used to cure peptic ulcers and other stomach problems. It was consumed to attain relief from respiratory issues of cold, cough and chronic bronchitis. However, keep in mind that the benefits of Jiaogulan extend to much more than the problems of the stomach and the respiratory tract.

Today, the Chinese drink Jiaogulan tea on a regular basis claiming to get benefitted by its antioxidant properties. It helps reduce blood pressure, regulate cholesterol levels, maintain hormonal balance and improve the immune system. It has the ability to strengthen the heart muscle and lower the risks of cardiovascular attacks.

Add to this the benefits of modulating cancer. Jiaogulan leaves can reduce the damage and development of cancerous cells in your body. It can improve the body’s response to radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Now, even though that’s a long list of impressive benefits, experts are still conducting research to identify how the herb can improve human life.

What’s next?

The Chinese recognize it as the ‘immortality herb’ owing to its rejuvenating properties. However, can it actually make an individual immortal? Of course not!

It improves an individual’s current life conditions and overall well-being. Many also say that consumption of the herb helps in tackling stress as well as boosting cardiovascular health. Herbal medicine practitioners believe that the adaptogen properties of the herb help your body adapt to the environmental and physical changes, thereby restoring internal health.

While some people believe that with an improved lifestyle, Jiaogulan could let you live a longer life, there is no scientific proof or research conclusion to prove the same. In fact, there are also arguments with respect to the side effects of the herb on pregnant women. The herb is claimed to cause deformities in the development of the fetuses and therefore must be avoided by pregnant and nursing women.

Research studies on life-extending benefits are still under way. The only argument in favor of this aspect is the fact that Jiaogulan improves internal health. It makes the immune system, digestive system, respiratory system and the heart stronger. It largely reduces the chances of individuals suffering from major ailments, lowering the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular attacks or cancer.

The History of Gynostemma

Gynostemma is a herb which is also known as Southern Ginseng and Miracle Green. It is currently the most popular herb in Asia as it has several medicinal properties and no side effects. It is a natural remedy for many ailments and a precautionary solution to prevent you from any major health problem. A lot of studies by experts and scientists are still under process to explore more about this herb.

Origin of Gynostemma

Gynostemma originated in an isolated village in Southern China. Gynostemma plant naturally grows in the wilds of this village of Gynostemma. For almost the last 50 years, research has been going on around Gynostemma leaves due to the high concentration of photochemical present in the leaves. They are known to have several antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties.

In the 1970’s, it was discovered that Gynostemma is a potential substitute for sugar as it has a naturally sweet taste. Masahiro Nagai found that it has higher saponin content as compared to the active ingredient, Ginseng roots. Later, Tsunematsu Takemoto discovered that Gynostemma contains four saponins which are similar to what are present in Ginseng roots and seventeen additional saponins. In the following decades, it was found that Gynostemma has 82 saponins whereas Ginseng roots have only 28.

Apart from Southern China and Thailand, Gynostemma has grown in other parts of the world also but those are not considered as authentic and powerful. They are known to be produced in the natural environment in America and other western countries but the source of water and the soil they grow on is not as natural and fresh as what it is in Southern China.

Why did the Herb become popular so late?

This herb was first noticed by a physician Zhu Xiao in the year 1406. In a medical text – Material Medica for Famine, he suggested Gynostemma as a cheap dietary supplement for poor people. Again in the late 1500’s, Li Shi Zhen confused Gynostemma with some other herb and mentioned in a medical text – Compendium of Material Medica that this is a herb which is supposed to heal cuts and bruises. This confusion was clarified much later by Wu Qi-Ju in a book – Textual Investigation of Herbal plants where all the benefits and advantages of having Gynostemma were clearly mentioned and elaborated. It also mentioned the application of this precious herb.

Earlier, there was more focus on the herbs available in North and Central China and this confusion further led to the usage of Gynostemma never becoming so popular in China back then. It just remained known and popular amongst the villagers in Southern China. These villagers loved the taste of it even better than that of Tea. It was also abundantly available and it was easy and cheap for them to get it.

When the China Census actually happened in 1970’s, the story came out and everyone was startled seeing the results. This led to the discovery of the benefits and usage of Gynostemma in the modern world. Since then, this herb has become very famous and in demand all around the world.

Buying Immortality herb From An Online Herb Store

A lot of health conscious individuals all over the world make use of herbal products. Immortality herb are alternative medications that deal with numerous conditions such as obesity, stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, cough, fever, and heart disease. There is also herbal cleanse used to detoxify the body.

There are many proven, high-quality herbal products available in the market today. These are natural products extracted from plants and produced after years of scientific research and medical breakthroughs. The most popular herb today is Jiaogulan. Standardized plant extracts and ingredients of the highest quality are used to produce them. They are tested regularly for potency and purity to ensure efficacy and safety.

Today, getting healthy has become easy as one can purchase these products online from the comfort of the home. Numerous Immortality herb stores sell a wide range of products online such as Jiaogulan, White Mulberry, Hibiscus and other. Since the internet is on round the clock, one can order for these products anytime, throughout the year.

When shopping online, you can compare prices by use of price comparison sites. These sites usually give a detailed description of products including their use plus the ingredients they contain. By carrying out research on the products and making a price comparison, you get value for your money plus efficient, high-quality products.

Some websites have online chat services that provide personalized support. Questions regarding any product are answered through such forums. Advice can also be given on the best product to deal with an individual problem.

Getting healthy is now easy because of online herb stores. All kinds of products can be purchased from such stores including herbal cleanse. Consumers save energy, money and time because they shop from their homes. The cost of these products is usually affordable because no middlemen are involved. The products are delivered efficiently and fast to the customer’s doorstep.

Many herbal stores sell a variety of herbal products. Not every storehouse recommended brands and reputed products. It is necessary to exercise caution before you opt to buy from any store. Many online stores have a reliable reputation in the online world. They offer the guarantee on the products sold through their forum. It is best to source herbal supplements from such stores. Your purchases are protected by money back guarantee in such cases. Many people opt to buy from their local health store as they can return the product if it is found unsuitable. However, there are larger varieties of herbal products found online. Many stores offer free return and money back policy, making it convenient to return products that are found unsuitable.

What is jiaogulan tea

Jiaogulan tea is a plant which grows in wild as vine from the Cucurbiticeae group of plants. Jiaogulan is indigenous to Southern China however is presently developed generally all through Asia, commonly found in Thailand and Vietnam. Jiaogulan is delivered basically as a home grown tea and is likewise accessible as both entire leaf.

Indigenous Chinese Medicine prescribes Jiaogulan as a general well being tonic and in a few places of china it is called Xian Cao (Immortality Herb) because of its relationship with life span and strong well being.

The plant first went to the consideration of present day scientists In the 1970’s as a consequence of China’s first across the nation evaluation. Demographers noticed a measurably huge higher rate of centenarians in two little Southern areas. The Chinese government dispatched a group of specialists whom at last directed a ten-year study.The scientists ascribed the unordinary life span in those regions to the standard conventional utilization of jiaogulan tea in those zones. Taking after these discoveries, Dr. Jialiu Liu of Guiyang Medical College led broad research including human clinical studies into the plant. His examination distinguished dynamic fixings in Jiaouglan that gave a wide scope of medical advantages, including, cardiovascular wellbeing, enhanced invulnerable frameworks, assurance from and speedier recuperation from oxidative anxiety, malignancy insurance and enhanced blood stream bringing about better mentation and organ wellbeing. Dr. Lu created a book with American scientist Michael Blumert praising jiaogulan as the Herb of Immortality.

Jiaogulan was like wise the subject of broad research in the 1980’s by Japanese scientists who, taking note of the normal sweetness of jiaogulan, trusted jiaogulan could be produced as a characteristic sweetener. While the venture was unfruitful, Japanese analysts additionally aggregated a great rundown of proven health advantages.

Today botanists suggest jiaogulan for three fundamental well being Benefits.

Gives your body optimal state of balance

Adaptogens are a class of herbs recognized by botanists as helping the human body keep up a condition of “homeostasis”, i.e. adjust. The instruments differ from herb to herb yet principally adaptogens work by supporting the neuroendocrine framework. The neuroendocrine framework is the joined frameworks of hormones and sensory system. Cutting edge specialists have announced jiaogulan the world’s most powerful adaptogen. One hypothesis is jiaogulan’s incitement of Nitric Oxide generation enhances the general capacity of the neuroendocrine framework

It reduces body blood pressure

Chinese research has demonstrated that jiaogulan empowers the human body to build creation of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a characteristic vasodilator. Expanded vascular size makes it less demanding for the heart to pump blood all through the body and lessens circulatory strain. The expanded blood stream additionally mitigates the mischief from blood vessel develop because of arteriosclerosis.

Jiaogulan like wise decreases cholesterol

Since elevated cholesterol is the main source of stopped up supply routes, there is a twofold advantage to cardiovascular well being. Veins are less inclined to create impediments and, when they do happen, the effect is moderated by expanded vein measure.

All About Immortality Herb

Found only in the remotest, rugged mountain area of southern China, Jiaogulan was unknown to anyone outside the immediate area. Residents who Drink a daily tonic of Jiaogulan refer to it as the “immortality herb” as the history shows people in those remote villages where Jiaogulan was growing wild lived to an uncommonly old age.

Dr. Jialiu Liu, M.D. was appointed by the Chinese government to head up a research department focused on the herb Jiaogulan. To date, there are over 300 published studies on the diversified benefits of drinking a tonic made of this amazing herb. Translations are still occurring.
Dr. Liu, a highly acclaimed researcher, has become known as the Father of Jiaogulan and together with his team of researchers have compiled 54 reasons (based on their research) to drink a tonic of Jiaogulan (preferably wild) each and every day.

Some of the immediate results have shown the Jiaogulan contains adaptogens with more than 100 different saponins. Ginseng, its’ closest competitor, contains only 28 different saponins. Saponins, which are the chemical compound that makes adaptogens work, increase the body’s resistance to everyday stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue.* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration*

*Protect your vital organs (from free radicals and toxins), balance hormone levels (excesses or deficits), normalize cortisol levels, (stress releases the cortisol hormone and over time can result in insulin resistance and diabetes, suppression of immune function, premature aging, susceptibility to cancer, memory loss, depression, anxiety, increased blood pressure and the list goes on) fight chronic fatigue, increase your antioxidant protection, increase your stamina, get a better sleep, feel more alert plus many, many many more benefits.

To get the full benefits of Jiaogulan, it’s critical to use the right form of the herb. Due to it’s bitter taste, Japan and Thailand have introduced hybrids which have a more pleasant taste, however, Dr. Liu’s research has indicated the plant must be from its’ natural Chinese wild state and the liquid from all its’ components must be used: leaves, stem, and root in a tonic or liquid format.

Jiaogulan, promises to be the most powerful herb ever known to man and in keeping with the Chinese philosophy that herbs are not used alone, combining Jiaogulan with certain other high-antioxidant super-food nutrients appears to enhance the overall effectiveness of even this powerhouse of the Chinese world.